Automation Services

Automation Services

Automating your manufacturing process is a smart investment in your future. 

Comprehensive Automation that Lowers Costs

From design to implementation, Makino offers strategic automation solutions that propel your business into the future. We focus on creating repeatable processes, increasing efficiency, and cutting costs. 

Our automation engineering services include:
  • Automated machining cell layouts
  • Cell controller programming
  • Development of operator interfaces
  • Robot end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) gripper design
  • Robot programming
  • Material handling system designs
  • Integration of auxiliary equipment into the automation system

As the prime contractor on an automation project, Makino not only designs the solutions, we take the lead. That means we recommend equipment suppliers and manage their work so your project is implemented on-time and at the lowest cost. Our services give you the confidence and security to focus on the many critical aspects of your business. 

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Comprehensive Automation that Lowers Costs

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